eGuide: How digital transformation impacts an OEM’s post-sales business

Oct. 11, 2022

Price pressure, volatile demand, new customer behavior, and rising competition are all disrupting the traditional machine manufacturing business model. In this environment, machine builders can grow competitive advantage by incorporating the IIoT and new technologies while building smart machines and generating new revenue streams. Access to real-time data drives machine design and development improvements. New IT/OT technology capabilities also generate valuable machine insights for advanced analytics. Such developments pave the way for comprehensive new support and service approaches manageable from anywhere in the world:

  • Remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and fixing of machines
  • Agile maintenance that evolves from reactive to predictive
  • Improved end user workforce visibility to data for faster decisions

Connecting machines to the IIoT and the cloud is no longer a big, expensive technology challenge. A fast-growing market of solutions with built-in internet connectivity simplifies integration and lowers the cost of post-sales maintenance. This eGuide will walk through considerations for how machine builders can benefit from IoT-based digital services and tools.

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