Cloud Technology


Cloud Technology

Will edge and cloud replace central control?

For now, controllers are still in command, but smart devices run the show
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

High-performance, low-latency networking

IoT platform combines cloud and edge products that enable secure IoT data and systems management
Edge Technology

Can your industrial network create a smart factory?

Advanced-automation systems from roboticized manufacturing lines, AGVs, smart machines and integrated logistics are increasingly helping to create smart factories. These data-...
Cloud Technology

How to grow disruptive automation with AIoT

Greenhouse uses innovative controller to enable artificial intelligence of things
Cloud Technology

Now is the time for the industrial cloud

“The question is on the top of everybody’s mind, especially among our customers,” began Brian Shepherd, senior vice president of software and control at Rockwell Automation. “...
Cloud Technology

Cloud deployment in the pharmaceutical industry

From supply chains to the mobile workforce to technology transfer, the pharma industry is figuring out where it makes the most business and operational sense to leverage cloud...
Cloud Technology

IT and OT: the sum is greater than the parts

How AutomationDirect envisions industrial networking
Edge Technology

Ethernet-APL products enter the market

With specifications and engineering guidelines available, plus conformance test plans in motion, products that bring a two-wire, intrinsically safe physical layer to the field...
Edge Technology

Ubiquitous Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT system deployment has been on the edge, at the manufacturing site and in the cloud
Edge Technology

Demand for computational power continues to increase

At the cloud level and at the edge, computational capabilities rise

AutomationDirect PLCs for simple control

The Click Plus PLC series is designed for simple control