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How to block the PLC pathway to cyber attacks

Dec. 1, 2022
IT-OT collaboration mitigates hacker access

Cyber attacks used to focus on taking control of a programmable logic controller (PLC). Besides increasing in number, cyber threats have also increased in their sophistication, which has led industrial networks to safeguard multiple points of access, not to mention entire systems. Attempts are being made to gain access to the entire network through PLCs, explains Huffman Engineering's Keith Mandachit, PE.

As engineering manager at the CSIA-certified system integrator in Lincoln, Nebraska, Mandachit has witnessed hackers attempting to exploit networks through the engineering workstations, which can lead to weaponized PLCs that can disable an entire system or facility.

This article on Control Global explains how to rally IT and OT to work together and counteract the Evil PLC Attack.

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Jim Montague | Executive Editor, Control

Jim Montague is executive editor of Control. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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