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The right terminology can improve communication between OT and IT

Dec. 20, 2022
The term "air gap" is misused by automation professionals and OT practitioners

Communication is key for the success of many endeavors, but when it comes to IT/OT convergence, it's even more important. To ensure good communication, both IT and OT need to use commonly understood terminology to reduce confusion, especially when it comes to the security of the critical infrastructure that control systems protect. Terms like "air gap" can mean one thing to an OT professional, but another to an IT professional. 

In this article from our sibling publication, Ian Verhappen argues that the term "air gap" is misused by automation professionals and OT practitioners, leading to misunderstandings with IT and other networking professionals. He argues that industry needs to find an agreed-upon terms to communicate with IT and networking professionals and proposes "islanding" as an alternative.

Read The air gap myth for Ian's complete thoughts on a better way to communicate between OT and IT.