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Kundinger celebrates 60 years of innovation

June 22, 2021
Automation company foresees trend toward more computer science in industry

Kundinger, a supplier of fluid-power, automation, process-control and product solutions to a wide range of industries, is commemorating its 60th anniversary in 2021, citing innovation, adaptability and relationships as the foundation for the company’s longevity.

“Kundinger began in a single-family home; it’s incredible to see what it is today,” says President Paul Kundinger. “Since 1961 we’ve pushed the envelope of what is possible, which is why Kundinger has grown to be a trusted solutions provider for customers throughout Wisconsin and Michigan.”

Kundinger started as a traditional fluid-power distributor, but it has adapted and added new technology to its offerings, explains Kundinger. “We have customers that have been with us for the better part of our 60-year history because we continue to find new and innovative ways to serve them,” he says.

Kundinger understands relationship building is about more than just partnering with companies; it’s about building trust and doing what’s best for the customer every time.

Brian Kundinger II is process control and automation specialist.

What are three key things that a machine builder, system integrator or manufacturer should know about your company?

Brian Kundinger II, process control and automation specialist, Kundinger: Kundinger specializes in fluid power, machine automation, process control and systems engineering. The company not only sells products, but also engineers turn-key solutions and can assist in engineering design and installation.

Kundinger stays current with all emerging technologies and takes pride in establishing long-lasting partnerships with vendors and customers. At Kundinger, customer service is more than just a transaction; it is a commitment ensuring customers get everything needed to operate more efficiently.

What new technologies are driving product development and why?

Brian Kundinger II, process control and automation specialist, Kundinger: Right now, there is an increasing demand to move toward more flexible and adaptive manufacturing. This is because operations need a way to better handle changing market demands. To achieve a new level of adaptability, Kundinger customers look to technology to help.

Many customers need solutions that allow for better product handling beyond traditional conveyance. Robotics is one emerging solution that comes to mind. Collaborative technologies such as linear transport systems and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) operate safely around people and can increase operational flexibility.

Kundinger also understands that customers need to be able to monitor their processes and learn from the data they collect. There is an increased emphasis on the computing side of businesses, and many Kundinger customers are utilizing artificial-intelligence algorithms to stay ahead of competitors.

How does the Industrial Internet of Things figure into your business strategy?

Brian Kundinger II, process control and automation specialist, Kundinger: Kundinger has partnerships with manufacturers that are heavily focused on product development for Industry 4.0 and IIoT. Kundinger invests in countless hours of training for its customers to help define and prioritize Industry 4.0 initiatives, develop action plans for those initiatives and ultimately achieve IIoT/Industry 4.0 goals.

How will machine automation and controls alter the way companies staff their operations in the future?

Brian Kundinger II, process control and automation specialist, Kundinger: Kundinger anticipates a shift in how operations are staffed in the future as companies introduce more and more automation to their processes. Workers will be dedicated to newer technology and focused more heavily on data and analytics. Training for engineers entering these fields of work may begin to change as well, moving from the standard programmable logic controller (PLC) training we see today to education that is more computer-science based. Automation will continue to make manufacturing more adaptive and flexible, but that will also require staff that can pivot with the introduction of these new technologies.

Automation is also a great solution for those companies that face staffing challenges. Not only can technology step in and perform the task that may be hard to hire for, but it can also help to increase the agility of current staff. Automation is about collaboration: machines and humans working together for better business outcomes.

Looking into the future, how will technology change your company over the next five years?

Brian Kundinger II, process control and automation specialist, Kundinger: Cloud-based systems and technology will change the way Kundinger operates because it will allow for a decentralized organization. Over the past year, while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic as a company, Kundinger fast-tracked its plans for more cloud-based operations. This trend is only expected to continue and even grow in years to come.

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