What Can Additive Manufacturing Add To Data Analytics

What can additive manufacturing add to data analytics?

April 4, 2023
3D printing machines generate more than just physical products

Artificial intelligence (AI) can take a hardware problem and offer a software solution. Machine learning (ML) can optimize hardware, automatically enhancing 3D printers through software updates to increase printing speeds and improve resolution. AI can help businesses determine which parts, when produced in-house through additive manufacturing, will have the biggest impact on their bottom lines. It can also connect to digital catalogs of existing parts and detect which specific parts are the best candidates to be printed through various additive manufacturing techniques.

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Find out how the digitalization of the manufacturing sector, specifically additive manufacturing, is applying technologies such as cloud computing, smart automation, Internet of Things, digital inventories and data analytics to use data to help engineers make better decisions, improve machine processes and ultimately reach autonomy.

This article from our Endeavor Business Media partner site, IndustryWeek, explains how to harvest the data from additive manufacturing.