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Power Supplies

How to avoid power-supply-related downtime

PdM capabilities and redundancy reduce the chance of failure
Power Supplies

Your power supply has something to say: Smart power supplies share their health status

Mike Bacidore is joined by Jay Hendrix, product marketing manager of Connected Power at SolaHD Emerson
Power Supplies

UPS for your power needs

Uninterruptible power supplies offer a variety of solutions
Power Supplies

Your power supply has something to say

Many pieces of the control system require dc power in order to operate. This could include sensors, motors, solenoids, valves, PLCs, controllers, HMIs, remote I/O racks, industrial...
Power Supplies

How power supplies led to machine learning in the energy industry

Acopian Scholarship winner discusses his education and career and what the award meant
Power Supplies

STEM update: Austin Park 4 years after receiving Acopian Power Supply Scholarship

In 2017, Austin Park had received a bachelor of science (BS) in electrical engineering from UCLA and was beginning his master's degree at Stanford University, where he was accepted...
Power Supplies

How does your uninterruptible power supply deliver?

Uninterruptible power supplies are emergency-ready
Power Supplies

Wide-input dc-to-dc converter line

The encapsulated wide-input dc-to-dc converter line of power supplies is rated up to 60 W
Power Supplies

SPMA compact low-profile switch-mode power supplies

The SPMA series compact low-profile switch-mode power supplies are 63 mm (2-1/2 in) deep
Power Supplies

Dimension U series dual-output power supply

The Puls Dimension U series DIN-rail-mounted power supply unit is designed to bridge power failures or voltage fluctuations
Power Supplies

mPower wire cable assembly

The Samtec 2-mm mPower ultra micro wire cable assemblies (UMPC) and components (IMPC, IMPCC, CC489) are high-power solutions with design flexibility for power-only or power/signal...