Digitally programmable, DIN mount power supplies

Jan. 20, 2023

The EZPPS series are ultra-compact, DIN-rail mount, digitally programmable, industrial power supplies (SMPS) with built-in LED displays for diagnostics. With EZPPS's bright three-digit and two-digit LED displays, load voltage and output current, respectively, are displayed on the fly. In addition, all SMPS modules have limited life due to the electrolytic capacitors in the circuit which are dependent on the current draw and the temperature of the power supply. EZPPS keeps track of the total number of hours it has been on and provides an early-warning alarm for preventive maintenance and replacement before the power supply dies. The EZPPS series, with 24-Vdc output, ranging from 30 to 240 W, come equipped with two push buttons for simple field programming of its current limit. The EZPPS also has dc output monitoring capabilities via a PNP output which is useful for providing a visual alert of any short-circuit or overload condition.