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Understanding the digital thread with a BOM-centric approach

May 28, 2024
Siemens has focused on making their applications user-friendly with built-in training and context-based help

The industrial digital thread concept is a technology that enhances the connectivity and accessibility of granular data across various manufacturing systems, from design and engineering to supply chain and service.

The digital thread builds upon digital twin technology, integrating data from MES, ERP and PLM systems to ensure that all workers operate from the most current and relevant information, partner publication Automation World reported.

Siemens Digital Industries Software exemplifies this approach by focusing on bills of materials (BOMs) data to connect every aspect of a business's operations. The software enables users to trace data flow through the entire production process, thereby improving efficiency and cohesion across different manufacturing stages. This connectivity is facilitated by Siemens' Teamcenter backbone, which integrates data seamlessly, resulting in significant productivity improvements for many of its customers.

There are three major technology trends accelerating the adoption of BOM-centered digital threads, according to Automation World: the shift of design and build applications to the cloud, the integration of generative AI and the concept of the industrial metaverse with photorealistic simulations. These advancements democratize access to powerful tools, particularly benefiting small and medium-sized enterprises by reducing costs and complexity.

Automation World delves deeper into Siemen’s BOM-centered approach to the digital thread in this article.

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