POSITAL-FRABA launches support program for system integrators


By Aaron Hurd

Jul 20, 2015

CD1507 positalPOSITAL-FRABA has launched a new support program for system integrators featuring real-time prices and lead time estimates.

Through POSITAL’s online Product Finder, users can search through POSITAL’s range of product offerings. With the newly announced support program, new features are also being added, including preferred pricing and product discounts, free online or in-person training, and access to POSITAL’s knowledge database with industry-specific application success stories. 

“System integrators are very demanding in terms of performance, price and availability,” explains Patrick Maxwell, Product Officer at POSITAL–FRABA. “We have strengths in each of these areas and want to help our customers, both in terms of finding the right products and getting the most out of them.”