Robot Work Cell

Solving interoperability challenges to integrate robotics into factory work cells

Software stack prioritization and AMR fleet management for seamless integration
Formic Cobot At Polar Hardware

Formic's Misa Ilkhechi discusses industrial robotic integration

Democratizing automation to shape the future of robots in work cells and autonomous operations
The automated order-fulfillment demonstration highlights collaborative robots (cobots) using sensors to scan QR codes for correct order picking, transferring and shelving of consumer items varying in sizes and shapes. The system is an example of cobots, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and vision sensors working together in a highly flexible autonomous solution that can be scaled up or down.

Safety-rated software helps to shrink the footprint of robotic work cells

FANUC America’s David Bruce discusses robot integration and future trends in technology
Amr Mir 02

MiR ecosystem leader explains where AMRs and cobots fit with machinery

Kenneth Bruun Henriksen discusses robot integration and future innovations in work cells
Fanuc Robot

Fanuc celebrates milestone

Automation manufacturer produces 1 millionth robot