International Safety Standards Endorse New Machine Guarding Technologies

June 19, 2013
ISA Discusses How to Apply Safety Options to Meet Standard Requirements

It used to be that machine builders and end users paid little attention to safety. Today, safety is no longer just an afterthought its automatic. The latest options in machine safety include integrated, networked safety systems that use reliable safety PLC technology, according to, the International Society of Automation (ISA). Integrated and automated machine safety offers the greatest protection to machine operators. Machine builders and end users are also changing the way they approach machine safety standards as they begin to see benefits such as lower cost of controls, speed time to market, decreases machine downtime and a reduction in litigation. John D'Silva, safety technology manager for Siemens Industry, reminds readers that understanding recent changes in international safety standards and regulations is crucial to implementing safety into a machine design process. In this article from ISA, learn how to apply safety options to meet standard requirements and why it is important to include total lifecycle costs in your decision-making process.

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