VDMA: Machine vision market surging

July 20, 2015
New VDMA Machine Vision Market Survey shows strong growth across the board.

After a record-setting 2014, the machine vision market is continuing to surge with companies expecting 11% growth for the year of 2015, according to VDMA Machine Vision's annual survey. 

Although traditionally growth has been centered around Europe, sales outside Europe grew by 20%, with North America and Asia led the charge, together constituting 34% of total worldwide sales.

Amidst the global growth and distribution of sales, China was able to remain the third largest market for European machine vision companies. Germany also retained the number one spot with 34% of the total sales. 

One key ingredient in the market's overwhelming success is the strong demand in both manufacturing and non-industrial applications. Manufacturing sectors accounted for nearly 76% of the total turnover and grew 16% from the year before.

The automotive industry was once again the largest customer for European machine vision, with electronics following a close second. The food and beverage industry and metal industry rounded out the manufacturing sector, while non-manufacuring sectors grew by 17% to account for 24% of all sales.