TDK-Lambda Americas Quarter brick dc-dc converters

The GQA120 series of 120-W industrial-grade dc-dc converters can accept a 12- or 24-Vdc nominal input. It uses quarter brick pin-out and has four packaging options. For convection-cooled environments, the flanged baseplate version is suitable for cold-plate cooling, and models with the nonflanged baseplate can be fitted with a standard quarter brick heat-sink. The open-frame construction is suitable for applications with airflow, while the encapsulated design is best-suited for high-temperature, harsh environments with minimal airflow. All models have a baseplate temperature rating of -40 to 105 °C. The series is safety-certified to IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 with CE marking for the low-voltage and RoHS 2 directives.

TDK Lambda GQA converters 250
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TDK-Lambda Americas