KP Performance Antennas Four-port antenna with horizontal/vertical polarization

The four-port OMNI antenna can be used for WISP, cellular and fixed wireless applications. It has 13 dBi of gain and can deliver increased capacity offered by 4x4 MIMO. It provides horizontal and vertical polarization and operates on the 5.15- to 5.85-GHz frequency range. This 360° omnidirectional antenna features two vertically stacked OMNI arrays in a single radome enclosure with one mounting point. It supports one 4x4 MIMO or two 2x2 MIMO radios. This antenna is ideal for minimizing operator investment in low-density macro or micropop deployments by having to mount only one antenna and radio.

KP Antennas 5QOMNI 250
Industrial Networks
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Wireless Components
KP Performance Antennas