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  • Cost reduction through electrical CAE

    The automation industry is now at the foothills of another paradigm shift, the CAE revolution. This White Paper discusses the emerging role of Computer-Aided Engineering for OEM engineers and designers and recommends that to avoid making the revolution difficult, we in the U.S. adopt the paradigm shift and see its value.

    EPLAN Software
  • Ensuring operator safety in HMI environments

    This paper explains the concept of emergency stop switches and introduces a new design of next-generation switches that allows an operator to work in a safer HMI environment.

    IDEC Corp.
  • Subtleties of basic bridge circuit performance

    To date, the bridge is still the most economical circuit technique for accurately measuring resistance. This application note focuses primarily on some subtleties of bridge circuit excitation and associated performance.

    Dataforth Corp.
  • The characteristics of PID controllers

    This tutorial presented by the University of Michigan's School of Engineering will show you the characteristics of proportional (P), integral (I), and derivative (D) controls, and how to use them to obtain a desired response. Included are general tips for designing a PID controller.

    University of Michigan
  • Smart laser sensors simplify tire and rubber inspection

    Thousands of laser based sensors are in use today in tire manufacturing operations, both for in-process monitoring and final tire inspection. This White Paper focuses on significant recent developments that offer major enhancements to implementing laser sensors in tire operations.

    LMI Technologies
  • Direct part mark considerations: Identification

    The second part of this two-part installment discusses 10 important considerations when implementing direct part mark (DPM) identification programs for part traceability. Part I of the series, Direct Part Mark Considerations: Marking & Reading, is also accessible here.

  • AS-Interface safety at work: An introduction to networked safety

    AS-Interface Safety at Work (SaW) is a unique concept enabled by the modifications to NFPA 79-01 which allows emergency stopping action to be executed over a data/logic circuit under certain conditions. This White Paper describes how SaW accomplishes this.

    AS-Interface USA
  • Closed Loop Control of Stepper Motors Without Position Sensor

    This paper presents a patent-pending method to operate stepper motors in closed loop position without position sensors, boosting stepper-motor performance into the range of servomotor performance while maintaining the inherent simplicity of the conventional stepper motor drive system.

    Allied Systems
  • Dual-homing: Bringing redundancy to the edge of the network

    In the past, the choices for redundancy for edge-of-the-network devices were too limited, too expensive, or too complicated to be considered in most industrial systems. This White Paper, however, contends that today's dual-homing technology can changes all that. Read how.

  • Acceptability of 16 and 18 AWG conductors for branch circuits

    This White Paper presents the engineering analysis and the experimental results of testing performed to verify the acceptability of 16 and 18 AWG conductors for branch circuits in industrial machinery built to NFPA 79 2002.

    Cooper Bussmann
  • How to plan your PC-based machine vision system

    A machine vision system is only as good as its weakest component and only as accurate as the information it receives. This White Paper suggests that spending the time and effort to carefully select and set up the right components will result in a trouble-free and resilient visual inspection system.

    Data Translation
  • Ethernet implementation in automation

    This paper provides a brief overview of some of the common varieties of Ethernet protocols, what Ethernet is and what it isn’t, and what hardware and knowledge for configuring that hardware is required.

    Beckhoff Automation
  • Software tools for the development of motion control applications

    Today's control design engineers and developers expect strong tools at every stage of the product development cycle. This White Paper shows how sophisticated software is emerging that can be integrated into today’s motion-control applications.

    Delta Tau Data Systems
  • Ironless versus ironcore motor solutions

    This article presents an engineering-based comparison of the two predominant linear motor types, with the objective of providing the knowledge needed to properly specify the correct type of motor for a given application. Real world examples of both motor types (ironcore and ironless) are presented.

  • Safety-relevant communication in machine building and factory automation

    This paper introduces the requirements from the European certification authorities for safety relevant control devices and systems, discusses the different methods allowed to detect the single-failures, and introduces in detail the CANopen Safety Protocol.

    CAN in Automation
  • What is AS-Interface and how does it operate?

    AS-Interface replaces traditional wiring architectures with a totally open topology supported by all major PLC manufacturers. This White Paper provides an introduction and application solutions to wiring modular systems.

  • 3D motion in magnetic actuator modeling

    This paper presents a new modeling scheme to increase the capabilities of finite element method (FEM) computation tools to handle motion in 3D problems. Learn how you can accurately model both translating and pivoting motion, either with limited re-meshing or none at all.

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