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  • 10 Considerations When Choosing Vision Software

    This white paper discusses Vision Builder AI, an interactive software environment for configuring, benchmarking and deploying machine vision applications without programming.

    National Instruments
  • The world of drives

    This white paper explores the world of drives used in motion control applications--including inverter, vector, servo and now, linear drives--and explains where each is best used.

  • Cost reduction through electrical CAE

    The automation industry is now at the foothills of another paradigm shift, the CAE revolution. This White Paper discusses the emerging role of Computer-Aided Engineering for OEM engineers and designers and recommends that to avoid making the revolution difficult, we in the U.S. adopt the paradigm shift and see its value.

    EPLAN Software
  • Maintaining healthy IT assets

    Over the past several years, there have been two significant trends in the industrial marketplace. First, control system vendors are using more Ethernet based communication networks and Microsoft operating systems. Second, many companies have an increased focus towards predictive or condition based maintenance. This paper shows how OPC plays an important role in both trends.

  • How to choose a digital motion control network

    There are so many digital networks available today that the buyer has their hands full trying to pick a digital network to go with. This White Paper helps define reasons why a digital network should be chosen for your control platform, and offers suggestions on how to make the best choice for your motion control applications.

    G&L Motion Control
  • Optimal temperature sensor selection

    There's no simple solution to achieving accurate temperature measurement. It’s a combination of knowing the inherent accuracy of particular sensor types, but also how environmental factors can create further measurement uncertainty and the sensor calibration techniques available to reduce this uncertainty.

  • New technologies for multi-axis drive systems

    Converting, printing, packaging, paper machines and machine tools are just a few of the various applications that have standardized on multi-axis designs. This White Paper shows how multi-axis drive systems are becoming an increasingly popular method to provide customers with compact, efficient, and cost-effective drive solutions.

    Siemens E&A
  • 3-phase AC calculations revisited

    This application note illustrates real-time cosine functionality and associated phasor notation for a 3-phase line-to-line voltage system with line voltage V12 as reference. It contains AC system definitions and basic rules for calculations with examples.

  • CANopen higher layer protocol for motion control

    This paper provides an overview of the CANopen specification (DS-301, DSP-302) and explores in more detail the device profiles for generic I/O modules (DS-401), drives and motion control (DSP-402), and IEC 61131-3 programmable devices (DS-405).

    esd electronics
  • Strain gage signal conditioning modules (SCMs)

    This application note is based on the basic bridge circuit fundamentals of strain gages interfaced to signal conditioning modules. Include are their effects on line resistance, strain gage parameter tolerances, and methods of excitation.

  • The physics of radio bands and channels

    This technical article looks at the principles of radio technology to explain the differences in performance between different radio bands, and explains the different characteristics between the common 2.4GHz ISM band and the lesser used 900 and 869 MHz bands in industrial environments.

    Elpro Technologies
  • Internet access in a process control environment

    With the latest PLC technology, almost anything that can be accomplished next to the machine can be accomplished wherever there is an Internet connection. This White Paper presents new options available for connecting to the PLC from a remote location.

  • How cables and connectors impact measurement uncertainty

    This application note presents information meant to help minimize uncertainty due to choosing the wrong cable for the setup, inappropriate connections, or problems caused by inadequate preventative maintenance.

  • Efficiency: The forgotten feature of power supplies

    Efficiency is one of the most important features that every engineer must consider when selecting a power supply. This White Paper maintains that it is possible to use a smaller power supply because no de-rating is necessary, in most cases.

    Puls Power Supplies
  • Mechatronic solutions for intelligent motion control

    Modular machine building is becoming one of the next challenges of control system builders to make distributed machine control possible. Find out how mechatronic solutions are being used to simplify construction with servo drives and intelligent motion control software.

    Siemens Energy & Automation
  • Functional safety concepts in motor control

    The approach for addressing functional safety of embedded software dependent motion controls is becoming a growing concern as programmable components replace traditional electromechanical components in safety-related systems.

    Underwriters Laboratories
  • Innovations in the application of small servo drives

    To be able to implement production systems in a safer, faster, more integrated and more precise way, the small servo drive with the essential characteristics of a large servo drive represents a more future-oriented approach.

  • Security in Industrial Applications

    This White Paper (available with registration) explores the state of network security options today at the Ethernet switch level and offers an elementary roadmap for industrial operations to plan for and deploy secure communications systems.

  • Tunneling process data securely through firewalls

    This paper presents a new technology that increases the security of data and the overall usability of the solution. It facilitates integration between and with production systems, while preventing cyber attacks and unauthorized users from gaining access to critical process control data and the systems that control production.

    Integration Objects
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