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  • Technology Brief on Embedded Machine Control

    In this Technology Brief, the editors of Control Design explore the pros and cons of the range of options available, from classical programmable logic controllers to high performance automation controllers with field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology.

    National Instruments
  • Standstill Monitors Add Sensorless Safety Features to Motor-Driven Machinery

    High-inertia motor-driven machinery presents unique challenges for safety engineers tasked with minimizing the risks to operators. Retrofitting existing machines with pulse generators is not always practical, but an elegant solution is a safety-rated sensorless standstill monitor that operates on electromagnetic feedback (back EMF). This article presents the advantages of standstill monitors and their application.

  • Dirty Dishes, the FDA and the Fire Department

    Looking at a common problem shared by organizations across industries—machine validation. This process ensures that we've adequately described, designed, built, and tested an amalgam that will predictably perform the required functions, and that the produced results are accurate and repeatable.

    Jack Chopper, Filamatic
  • Renewable Energy From Biogas

    With Endress+Hauser's ultrasonic technology, the Proline Prosonic Flow B 200, the city was able to pursue increased energy from renewable biogas.

  • Choosing the Optimal Pressure Sensor

    This white paper identifies different types of pressure measurement devices and discusses when and why certain types are used in specific applications.

  • I/O Systems eBook

    This State of Technology Report is a compendium of the latest trends, articles, back-to-basics tutorials, application stories and product solutions on Input/Output systems–from power supplies to terminal blocks to industrial connectors–recently published in the pages of Control Design; compiled by the editors and all together here in one convenient eBook.

    Control Design
  • Belden Defending Against the Dragonfly Cybersecurity Attacks

    This whitepaper details the arsenal of attack vectors used to infect organizations, how Trojanized software from trusted supply chain vendors is a pathway to control systems and how the malware has been updated over time through the use of a command and control infrastructure

    Joel Langill, Belden
  • Connectivity In-Stock Program: Ensuring You Get What You Need

    Through the Connectivity In-Stock program, TURCK's full range of rugged engineered connectivity solutions is available and ready for shipping right now, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it. TURCK can also provide a custom solution to meet the demands of challenging applications.

  • On-Demand Webinar: UL Expert Insights on 508A 2nd Edition

    The 508A Standard for Industrial Control Panels is the premier document for designing and constructing for compliance with the National Electrical Code. Join UL experts for a 2-hour on-demand webinar and gain an insider's look at the detailed changes relevant to the new UL 508A 2nd Edition. This engaging event will cover the expanded use of Table SA1.1 relative to component usage, addition of types of fuses to Supplement SB, the methodology for increasing the SCCR, the addition of requirements for fountain and irrigation control panels and much more.

  • Current Transducer Implementation Phenomena

    Implementation of a current transducer is typically a straightforward affair. In the event that the output is not as expected, it must be understood that the source of the challenge may be rooted in the mechanical, magnetic or electric nature of the device. The interaction between the different disciplines can result in symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose.

    LePoidevin Marketing
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