Networking / Smart Industry

Machine builders' IIoT essentials and beyond

What's keeping you from leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things?

By Control Design staff

The Industrial Internet Consortium’s Smart Factory Task Group is helping to make IIoT a practical reality for all manufacturing enterprises. Learn how and much more practical IIoT advice in our on-demand webinar. Find out answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the new Industrial Internet Security Framework? 
  2. How can manufacturers get started without making a greenfield investment? 
  3. What is a Smart Factory? 
  4. What can machine builders do to make their equipment ‘IIoT ready’?
  5. What is the Industrial Internet Consortium?
  6. Where can you turn to learn more?

Sari Germanos from the Industrial Internet Consortium and B&R Industrial Automation will speak alongside Control Design editor in chief Mike Bacidore. Germanos is the technology marketing manager for the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group. His expertise lies in helping machine builders develop new machine architectures to increase product performance, machine reliability, and safety. Germanos has developed many commercial complex real-time mechatronic applications. He also has experience in applying simulation technologies to improve the efficiency of developing large-scale distributed systems. Click here to register and watch on-demand.