Edge Technology


Cloud Technology

Will edge and cloud replace central control?

For now, controllers are still in command, but smart devices run the show
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

3 future pillars of industrial networking

TSN, SPE and edge computing become cornerstones for OT and IT experts
Edge Technology

The edge moves deeper into the industrial Internet of Things

The ongoing evolution of the IIoT edge-network infrastructure tier
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

High-performance, low-latency networking

IoT platform combines cloud and edge products that enable secure IoT data and systems management
Edge Technology

Can your industrial network create a smart factory?

Advanced-automation systems from roboticized manufacturing lines, AGVs, smart machines and integrated logistics are increasingly helping to create smart factories. These data-...
Control Software

Commercial technologies’ open architecture enable customization and flexibility

As universal, multifunction hardware platforms become more common in industrial settings, new technology standards will become available for implementation
Edge Technology

Yes, Virginia, Ethernet-APL is real

If you think 1,000-m cable length at 10MBit/s sounds too good to be true, think again
Edge Technology

5 paths to Ethernet connectivity

How to enable the Industrial Internet of Things on legacy systems
Edge Technology

Getting your TSN product to market

This white paper discusses the development ecosystem for time-sensitive networking (TSN) compatible automation devices. Created for automation vendors, it provides a practical...
Edge Technology

Industrial networking can learn from military strategy

In-flight connectivity can revolutionize JADC2 in contested airspace