The evolution of IT/OT merging

March 29, 2024
CIOs in manufacturing organizations must understand and address the cultural differences between IT and OT in order to evolve

The ongoing convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in manufacturing environments is resulting in myriad challenges and opportunities for controls engineers building machinery for factories or plants.

Automation World highlights the increasing connectivity of plant floor operations technologies to enterprise networks, driven by the demands of modern business.

This integration, however, often leads to disputes between IT and OT professionals. For example, Chef Robotics and Copia, two consumer-focused IT groups, are venturing into the OT space by developing technologies tailored for industrial use, to both positive and negative results.

The companies’ shifts illustrate the importance of addressing gaps in industrial software, such as version control and multi-vendor support, to enhance efficiency and prevent disruptions.

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