Ten Articles on Industrial Network Security You Must Read

Jan. 9, 2015
The safety of your industrial networks is no joke. Are you doing enough to protect your plant, machines and processes from cyber attacks?
About Katherine Bonfante
Katherine Bonfante is senior digital editor for Control and Control Design. You can email her at [email protected].With all the latest security breaches and hackers breaking down firewalls to steal information as if hacking was an accepted and recognized global sport, industry leaders are rethinking the safety of their industrial networks.

There's nothing fun about an unscheduled plant shutdown thanks to someone remotely taking control of your plant. This is why industry leaders are now heavily investing in robust security systems.

Manufacturers are not the only ones taking cybersecurity issues seriously, the government is too.

Here at, we've gathered a few articles that talk about how and why you should secure industrial networks.

Seven Steps to Network Security

Security specialists build a list of safety measures to take.

Cooperation on Cybersecurity Standard

Government, trade organizations and corporate team up to establish uniform best practices for network security.

Cybersecurity Threats Are Everywhere

Don't worry about an isolated cybersecurity attack on your network. Worry about keeping your network safe from the cloud of threats that is out there every second of every day.

Do Not Slip Up On Security

When it comes to protecting your network against intruders, you can't afford to fall down on the job.

The 10 Commandments of Industrial Ethernet

This white paper discusses hazards and solutions you should consider when designing and building an industrial Ethernet network.

How Much Network Access Should You Allow

As external dangers multiply, network security gets more complicated. Better tools and clearer standards can help make secure access easier and safer.

Network Security

No help for naked turtles - Do not slip up on security. As a plant manager, my first impulse would be to cut all ties with Ethernet-based networking and the Internet.

Identify the Network Threat

Effective security has to keep its firewalls up, but it also must track down and eliminate internal menaces.

Remote Access Is a Big Problem for Target Corp. and Fazio

Find out why corporations have a problem with remote access and cybersecurity.

Tips for Building a Network Security Strategy

Practical steps companies should take to protect against cybersecurity threats.