The keys to designing and building machines for the IIoT

July 12, 2017
As IIoT devices become more accessible and innovative, it is important to further understand how the technology impacts and benefits current industrial systems

Perhaps you’re getting tired of hearing about the Internet of Things (IoT). Many of the discussions are of a top-down nature starting with the Internet and cloud, and then down to the enterprise, system, machine and thing level. It also may include a real-time communication discussion or, if it’s a big IoT party, the millions to trillions of connections story. Of course, security will be included as well with the threat of the competitors changing your set points for added drama. Many other angles, such as the cost of connecting to the IoT or how quickly it will be implemented, are also discussed.

Still, the Industrial IIoT has enabled timely detection and repair of valuable machinery. As IIoT devices become more accessible and innovative it is important to understand how the technology impacts current industrial systems.

This Technology Report discusses harnessing the power of smart devices, the cloud and the IIoT without compromising on security, authenticity and data integrity.

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