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Heidenhain to digitally connect equipment throughout IMTS

May 29, 2018
The company's control systems will connect equipment from many machine tool builders throughout the exhibition at Chicago’s McCormick Place back to the Heidenhain booth at the International Manufacturing Technology Show

Heidenhain, an international motion control components/systems company, will use its control systems during the September International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) to connect equipment from many machine tool builders throughout the exhibition at Chicago’s McCormick Place back to its booth. The list of connected manufacturers is to be announced at a later date.

Heidenhain offers Connected Machining, a package of components and systems to support end users introducing digital order management in their production processes. At IMTS 2018, this will be demonstrated by Heidenhain in a live presentation at its Connected Machining booth area, including the use of a TNC 640 control on a high precision 5-axis machine tool. Heidenhain’s new StateMonitor software focuses on the evaluation of machine data – that was acquired during the operation of machine tools – by the Heidenhain TNC or other CNC controls with the MTConnect protocol interface. This can also be monitored online using mobile devices via a secure IT structure.

According to the company, this presentation will show that these systems result in solutions for analyzing and reducing downtimes so that end users can increase competitiveness. Heidenhain plans to emphasize metal removal rates, productivity and accuracy while supporting the machine operator through full access to manufacturing IT. Five-axis application engineers will be on site explaining the new TNC features and cutting a high-precision 5-axis part.

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) will be held Sep. 10–15. Heidenhain’s main booth will be located at the Lakeside Center. Heidenhain will also have a booth at the Student Summit, allowing students to program on the new TNC 640 CNC with touchscreen interface themselves; here, teachers and students will also get a first look of the new online HIT Heidenhain Interactive Training Software for 3- and 5-axis machine programming.

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