Nanotron & ClearBlade partner for location data analytics, better real-time tracking

May 7, 2018
Partnership will add ClearBlade’s oT and Edge Computing platform to Nanotron’s advanced tracking software

Nanotron Technologies and ClearBlade announced a partnership to add ClearBlade’s Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing platform to Nanotron’s advanced tracking software. This cooperation will enable nanotron to offer advanced Location Data Analytics (LDA) capabilities, adding a whole new dimension of capabilities to its tracking technology platform.

Nanotron creates insights into complex business processes by applying a scalable and location technology-independent approach that generates consistent position information connected to application-specific reference data. ClearBlade’s platform handles all maintenance and security functions, leaving Nanotron to focus on Location Data Analytics.

The ClearBlade platform will become a standard part of Nanotron’s location awareness and LDA solutions.

"We undertook a rigorous and methodical search for a middleware partner, said Nanotron’s CTO, Rainer Hach. "We sought a leading-edge vendor that could support real-time processing, modularity, complete security, edge/cloud, remote provisioning, extensive databases, and provide tight integration with our software platform. ClearBlade was far and away the only vendor that fulfilled all of our strict criteria, and we are truly delighted to be able to work with the market leader in this field. Event-based analytics will reap the business benefits of location awareness. By working with ClearBlade, nanotron is getting ready to deliver a powerful LDA tool."

Initially, the ClearBlade platform is being used by Nanotron to showcase ultra-precise patient tracking across multiple operating wards in hospitals. The solution is based on chirp spread spectrum (CSS) and ultra-wideband (UWB) location technologies, utilizing additional information from sensors and underlying building maps. It automatically detects all pre-defined treatment events, displays them in real-time and logs them for further analysis in a database.