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NT-HT-1000 linear displacement sensor for materials testing

Jan. 24, 2022
A customized version of the high-temperature LVDT position sensor is available for materials testing in environments with extreme pressures and high and low cryogenic temperatures...

NewTek Sensor Solutions Signal conditioner for new and legacy ac-LVDTs

May 3, 2021
The NTC-6000 Qwik-Cal LVDT signal conditioner provides the excitation and digital output many industrial automation and process control applications require
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NewTek Sensor Solutions Contactless rotary position sensors

March 28, 2021
RV series rotary position sensors measure and provide feedback on the rotary displacement of rotating elements in industrial benchtop and test and measurement applications

NewTek Sensor Solutions Hermetically sealed, spring-loaded LVDTs

March 14, 2020
Available in ac- and dc-operated versions, this extended family of spring-loaded LVDTs is designed for highly accurate and repeatable dimensional gauging of components as part...
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NewTek Online 3-D model library of LVDT position sensors

Feb. 15, 2020
This online 3-D model library of LVDT position sensors helps to ensure proper fit and seamless integration into a new or existing application

NewTek Sensor Solutions LVDT sensors for valve position monitoring

Jan. 6, 2020
These ac-operated LVDT position sensors are available in high-temperature, miniature and hermetically sealed designs and are well-suited for valve applications

NewTek Customized mounting features of LVDT and LVRT sensors

Nov. 30, 2019
LVDT linear position sensors and LVRT inductive half-bridge sensors include mounting features such as blocks or flanges to fit into the existing footprint of steam turbines
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NewTek Position sensors for remote, hard-to-reach places

Oct. 26, 2019
These LVDT linear position sensors are made for use in remote, hard-to-reach and difficult locations where sensor replacement would result in high costs and downtime
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NewTek Sensor Solutions Free-core and spring-loaded LVDT

July 12, 2019
This dc LVDT technology offers expanded output capabilities to meet the needs of industrial monitoring and feedback applications

NewTek Sensor Solutions Vented miniature linear position sensors

June 24, 2019
The vented versions of the M-375 miniature LVDT linear position sensors are specially designed for reliability and accuracy under a combination of high pressure, extreme temperatures...

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NewTek Dimension measurement for QC, metrology and inspection applications

Feb. 24, 2019
The MBB series of ultra-precision dimensional gaging probes are engineered for accurate and repeatable measurement of dimensional parameters in quality control, industrial metrology...

NewTek Sensor Solutions Miniature LVDT position sensors

Dec. 26, 2018
The M-375 miniaturized series of ac-operated position sensors are lightweight with a compact 3/8-in diameter size

NewTek Sensor Solutions Extreme high-temperature position sensors

June 26, 2018
The HT-1000 series of extreme high-temperature linear position sensors are ac-operated LVDTs constructed of materials that can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 °F (538 °C)

NewTek Sensor Solutions LVDT position sensors and signal conditioners

March 20, 2018
These custom and standard linear position sensors and signal conditioners are suitable for harsh and rugged environments