Mobile Interfaces



A better interface

The possibilities for using mobile-device apps as an HMI for control and monitoring of a machine is growing, along with access to more and better data
Mobile Interfaces

Operator Interfaces Go Mobile: Why and how to implement them for your systems

When using mobile devices, a few basic implementation choices need to be made, starting with app- or browser-based access.
Mobile Interfaces

Engineers Use Smartphones to Monitor and Control Entire Manufacturing Plants

Smartphones Monitor and Control - Engineers Use Mobile Devices to Monitor and Control Equipment, Energy Consumption and Output For Entire Buildings
Mobile Interfaces

BYOD Gains Traction as Employees Demand Access from Mobile Devices

Many Employees Practice BYOD on the Job With Their Smartphones and Tablets. Have Companies Found a Way to Let Them Do It Safely and Securely?
Mobile Interfaces

Mobile Workers Embrace Wireless

Ergon Refining Deploys Mobile Operator Stations Enabled by Wireless Networking to Speed Up Turnaround
Mobile Interfaces

Smarter Phone: Browser or App

App Access for Machine Operator Interface is Sexier Marketing, but Nowhere Near the Same Capability as Browser-Based Access
Mobile Interfaces

On the Go With HMI

Approach to Handheld, Wireless Operator Interfaces in the Workplace