CAD Software

Yokogawa and Shell develop next-generation software suite


By Aaron Hurd

Jun 08, 2015

Yokogawa has announced the Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation, a new software suite developed jointly with Shell. Representatives say it will speed up and simplify the process of designing, deploying and maintaining advanced process control applications. 

The software suite brings together the advanced process control technology of Shell with the real-time control technology of Yokogawa and is on sale currently. The software suite features functionality such as multivariable model predictive control, soft sensing, and the ability to perform various types of calculations and customize settings. 

Satoru Kurosu, a Yokogawa director and executive vice president who heads the Solutions Service Business Headquarters, said: “This software was developed based on Shell's long experience with advanced control technology and Yokogawa’s extensive global track record in providing superior control system solutions, and is expected to help our customers achieve dramatic improvements in productivity."

Yokogawa also continues to showcase what it calls its software's key features: development of rapidly deployable applications, operability and maintainability and an integrated platform for improved engineering efficiency.