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Safety Components

Standards guide the use of e-stops

Wireless and remote e-stops are allowed but must follow strict guidelines for location and design
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Should workers or systems dictate programming languages?

How to decide whether to stick with ladder logic or accommodate future generations of programmers
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Figure 1: Standardizing on an automation platform with flexible programming options helps companies draw from a larger engineering talent pool and pick the most fitting language for each application.

What’s the best programming language and infrastructure for control?

More flexible languages and hardware can deliver the best application-specific options

Encoders for harsh environments

Identify and preemptively fix failures, and magnetic solutions might offer less wear and maintenance overtime
Cloud Technology

Will edge and cloud replace central control?

For now, controllers are still in command, but smart devices run the show
Presence Sensing

How AMRs and AGVs collaborate with humans

New robotics standards and the specific application with guide design and deployment

Standards guide the expansion of collaborative robots

The proper safety measures for cobot applications allow humans and robots to work in close proximity