Tunneling process data securely through firewalls

March 6, 2006
This paper presents a new technology that increases the security of data and the overall usability of the solution. It facilitates integration between and with production systems, while preventing cyber attacks and unauthorized users from gaining access to critical process control data and the systems that control production.
From Integration Objects

THE INTEGRATION between business (enterprise) systems and production systems can increase visibility of the manufacturing supply chain and create a more agile business environment. Such integration requires the transmission of process data values across firewalls, where security considerations are essential. While the OPC standard is useful in this application, OPC and DCOM together can pose challenges to implement and maintain.

This document, enumerates the DCOM challenges, presents the most suitable replacement technology, compares Dot Net Remoting technology with DCOM, overviews a flexible architecture with Dot Net Remoting, and offers a solution that addresses the security issues with the proposed architecture.